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Nutrition Education Workshop Descriptions

Lunch n’ Learn  (1 hour workshop)
Designed as a  “brown bag” workshop in an informal setting, we share valuable information that helps employees learn the importance of prevention and how proper nutrition can lead to improved health, energy and productivity.  The financial benefit of wellness is also covered.

The Benefits of Wellness (1 hour workshop)
This workshop is conducted in a more formal classroom setting designed for large groups.  We review the state of our health, the long-term financial and lifestyle impact of unhealthy choices, concepts of proper nutrition, benefits of a disease-free life, and explore practical ways to improve nutrition easily.

 Taking Control of Your Health (1 hour workshop)
This workshop is designed for individuals who want an understanding of basic nutrition concepts and how to apply them to improve their family’s eating habits.  We’ll review the state of our health in the U.S., discuss concepts of good nutrition, take a look at what we’re eating that’s not healthy, and review practical ways to improve nutrition for the family without having to give up all of the foods you love.

The Wellness Revolution  (1 hour workshop)
The Wellness Revolution is here!  There’s never been a more important time in our history to take control of your health and make it a priority.   This workshop reviews the state of our health, what the Wellness Revolution is all about, what the “healthy living rules” are and how to add them to your life, and practical tips for making wellness one of your lifestyle strategies.

Know your Food Labels (1 hour workshop)

One of the keys to better nutrition is knowing how to read and interpret food labels. In this workshop, we’ll review the basics of reading food labels and spend time looking at several examples to give you hands-on practice.  This is a fun, interactive workshop that will equip participants to make healthy choices when shopping and at home.

 Fueling for Peak Performance (45 minute seminar)
This seminar is for athletes of all types and anyone wanting to know how to fuel their body for peak performance in sports.  We’ll take a look at some nutrition basics and also talk about nutritional needs before, during and after workouts and events.  Bring your favorite snacks and find out how healthy they really are!

 The Scriptural Basis for Good Nutrition (45 minute lecture/seminar)
This lecture takes a scriptural view of good nutrition.  We’ll take a look at the foods that God created for us and why they’re so powerful and important for a healthy life.  Then we’ll discuss three principles of good nutrition, how to apply them to our lives and look at several Bible passages to reinforce the learning.  This is an excellent lecture/seminar for churches and faith-based groups who are interested in learning more about the power of God’s food in preventing disease and ministering in the area of health!

The Nutrition Connection: Fundamentals of Good Nutrition Course (four 1-hour sessions)
This is a 4 session nutrition course that is designed for individuals that desire a more in-depth understanding of good nutrition fundamentals.  In the first 3 sessions, we’ll take a detailed look at the 7 components of good nutrition – protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fiber and water and we’ll also discuss the foods that are harmful to our health.   We’ll learn how to read food labels, eat healthy on a budget, make healthy choices when eating out, proper portion control and using online resources.   In session 4, you will spend time developing your personal plan for better nutrition and we’ll discuss easy and practical ways to achieve your goals.   If you’re serious about moving towards better health, this is the class for you!

Nutrition Education for Primary School Parents, Educators and  Students:
Schools cannot achieve their primary mission of education if students and staff aren’t healthy and fit physically, mentally and socially.  The state of our children’s health is rapidly declining and schools play an important role in educating children and young adults about good food choices.   Better nutrition for children and young adults leads to:

  • Improved attention, test scores, and behavior in school
  • Higher energy and motivation
  • Less sickness and days off of school
  • Improved self esteem


Improving Children’s Nutrition – What Every Parent Should Know (1 ½ hour workshop)
This workshop is for parents and educators who wish to gain a better understanding of the state of our children’s health, learn concepts of good nutrition, and discover practical ways to make dietary changes within the family.  We’ll also get a real look at what our kids are eating through the use of food visuals.  It’s an eye opener that you won’t want to miss!

Advocating for Children:  The Impact of Nutrition on Health, Development, Learning and 
Behavior(1 hour workshop)
This workshop is for educators who wish to gain a better understanding of the state of our children’s health, learn concepts of good nutrition, get a real look at what our kids are eating through the use of food visuals and discover practical ways to use nutrition to create a healthy school environment.   We’ll view the story of one school district that changed their food program and achieved incredible results and discuss action plans to get your school moving in a healthier direction.

The Health Advantage (1 hour workshop)
This workshop is for high school and university level students who need a basic understanding of healthy habits and why they are so important in setting the stage for healthy adulthood. We’ll look at what kids are currently eating and how it affects their mood, energy and school performance, review concepts of good nutrition, and talk about ways to improve nutrition without having to give up all the foods they love!

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